Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year, New Resolutions!

I'm all about new year resolutions, Its a fresh start, a new beginning! I have 3 really good ones...

Style.com did a really cool article about random models/designers and their resolutions, check it out!

Vera Wang, designer
“Work more and work out more.”

Venus Williams, tennis player
“I think it’s time to give up leggings and add more prints to my closet in 2009. I also think it’s time for more accessories, but I want to avoid those big chunky pieces.”

Thelma Golden, director and chief curator of the Studio Museum in Harlem
“As always, find the perfect dress. This season it will be the Orpheus dress from my husband Duro Olowu’s spring/summer 2009 collection.”

Chanel Iman, model
“Step back into my closet and re-create the things I haven’t worn in a while and do wardrobe swaps with my friends. After the swap, you can go shopping for that one item that will make the trade pop. It’s kind of a green way to go.”

Plum Sykes, contributing editor, Vogue
“Find more multitasking accessories. My new thing is a diamond clip from the thirties that my husband is hoping to get at auction for my birthday. You can wear it as a brooch, as two clips on shoulders, or in your hair. I am also giving up anything It. It bags, It shoes—it all seems so outdated. It girls, however, are always in.”

Lisa Mayock, designer, Vena Cava
“Learn Spanish. Or at least start.”

Sophie Buhai, designer, Vena Cava
“Monochromatic fashion that feels elegant (but is almost boring) paired with an eccentric large metal necklace is what I am wanting to wear. As far as giving things up, I’d say it’s time to give up flashy designer bags. The new year and a new economy are all about buying vintage Ferragamo and Bottega on eBay.”

Maria Cornejo, designer
“I just discovered wheatgrass shots. I take them whenever I’m feeling run-down and need some vitamins.”

Coco Rocha, model
“Wear more jackets. This is the time to bundle up, and a girl cannot have too many coats because it is what you are seen most in during the winter season.”

Marina Rust, contributing editor, Vogue
“I know if I squeeze a lemon into a cup of hot water and honey every morning I will actually feel and look better. Maybe this year I will remember to do it.”

Tory Burch, designer
“Keep things in perspective and not sweat the small stuff. I always try to focus on the big picture and remember if my family is happy and healthy, nothing is worth getting too stressed about.”

Chiara Clemente, filmmaker
“Eat at home as much as I can. Maybe it’s because I am Italian, but you have to start with the basics. And that’s food.”

Clemente’s film Our City Dreams (ourcitydreams.com) has its theatrical release at the Film Forum in New York this February.

Sarah Mower, contributing editor, Vogue
“Ask not what your country can do for you. You can be just perfect-looking, but if you’re not contributing something worthwhile, however small, how can you feel good about yourself?”

Lakshmi Menon, model
“A place everyone should visit is Ladakh, situated on the northwestern frontier of India and the last stronghold of Tibetan Buddhism. It’s a place that has lessons to teach all of us with its wisdom of old ways, which we have forgotten in the consumerist frenzy of our times.”

Luella Bartley, designer, Luella
“I am dearly, dearly hoping for a little something from my favorite jewelry shop in London, S.J. Phillips on Bond Street. My style has always veered toward the scruffy side, so accessories are important. One can always get away with jeans and a plaid shirt if there is a subtle, cool diamond somewhere about your person.”

Liya Kebede, model
“I recommend people visit Africa—that is what I want to do. I want to try and see all the different countries. I also think people should get involved, volunteer, and simply help others in any way you can. This is the way forward.”

Jenna Lyons, creative director, J.Crew
“It’s time to give up froufrou and add more menswear tailoring, nude, caramel, buff, gray, and a touch of neon…and, if I were ten years younger, a jumpsuit!”

Maria Sharapova, tennis player
“I’m all about costume jewelry pieces for the new year—something that’s vintage-inspired or just a classic big Frank Gehry for Tiffany cuff bracelet to add to a black dress or a Temperley tailored jacket.”

From the set of Coco avant Chanel

Here are some pictures from the Coco Chanel movie coming out. The movie centers around Chanel's early years and modest origins. The movie is currently being filmed in Paris and will be released in France in May 2009. Unfortunately the rest of us have to wait to see it later in the year. I am certain the costumes will be amazing considering Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with the costume designer!

'The City' theme song

So i know 'The City' theme song is not on itunes and is hard to track down so here is the link for you guys to download! Hope you enjoy! http://www.zshare.net/audio/5346461531b17445/

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christina Aguilera for Top Shop....?

The New York Times is suggesting that Christina Aguilera is going to be designing to Top Shop. God love us. We love Kate, she's got great style. Christina has a great voice, but girlfriend doesn't have the best taste...

'The City' premieres TONIGHT!!!

So as you probably have seen we are really excited for 'The City' so we encourage everyone to check it out tonight at 10!!! Cant Wait!!!!

Anna Wintour isn't going anywhere

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Anna Wintour will be leaving Vogue; however today she is putting those rumors to rest. As she was walking out of the Plaza this morning she said,
"I have no plans to leave American Vogue now or in the foreseeable future." There you have it, looks like Anna Wintour is here to stay! 

More from Influence!

Olsen-files.com recently added some Influence outtakes, and the girls look amazing. I'm already obsessed with the book, and I love the pictures they picked, but the outtakes are pretty sick. ps... Mk is wearing the Balenciaga's in one pic!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One more day!!!

Tune into 'The City' tomorrow night at 10!! 

Denim is going to be HUGE for spring!

I just received my new Teen Vogue with the lovely Leighton Meester on the cover and there is an amazing spread about "washed-and-worn denim." I'm kind of obsessed with grunge and the idea of shredded jeans coming back in style is sooo exciting!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whitney talks 'The City'

Whitney Port is giving us an insight of what is to come on 'The City' check it out! 

No need for your wardrobe to suffer because of the economy

So I know with the economy being down, a lot of people are cutting back on their spending, but there are two sites that will alert you on sales for all your favorite brands! This way you can shop on a budget and still get some fabulous items! So check them out and just mark your favorite brands and they will send you an email when there is a sale. 


2 more days!


Friday, December 26, 2008

New year, new calender.

Recently, I've been looking for a new calender/planner for the new year and I came accross an insert in the Dec./Jan. issue of French Vogue. The 2009 pin-up calender is GENIUS. It was personally stylized by Miss Roitfeld and shot by the infamous Terry Richardson. I'm dyinnngggg. Of course, French Vogue is limited in the U.S. so it is going to be even harder to find now that I've been lagging on picking it up. Cross your fingers that I find it!

Hello Lover...

So I came across these amazing shoes that I have to own!! Normally I hate knockoffs, but as Camp Zoe would say, I DIEEE with these shoes! They are a knockoff of the 06 Balenciaga ones. Unfortunately I can only find them on ebay and not in my size!! If anyone knows where I can get these Sam Edelman booties please let me know!! 

Tracey Ross' Iconic LA Boutique Closes Shop

Tracey Ross has been a fashion fixture for all fashionistas in LA for nearly two decades, and on New Year's Eve she will close her shop. This boutique has a dedicated following of top stylists and celebrities such as Mary Kate Olsen, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Jennifer Lopez. "Of course, it's the economy," Ross told WWD. The boutique has a mix of ultra luxe brands and hip streetwear lines, the shop will be missed. I have a feeling this is the start of the high-fashion small boutique closings..is Kitson next? 

Balenciaga = LOVE.

Nicole went to Christy's Hats on Melrose wearing the infamous Balenciaga boot from Fall '06. I fell in love with fashion because of these boots. I think they look amazing with EVERYTHING, under a dress or with skinny's. MK & A use to wear them religiously, but I haven't seen them recently on anyone... until now, Nicole completely changed the look of her outfit by adding an the avant garde boots.



Jane Aldridge (http://www.seaofshoes.com/) wears her Balenciaga's fabulously as well.


Black, clunky, and tall is always good.


Are you excited for The City?!

The City premieres on Monday at 10, and we are VERY EXCITED! What is everyone's thoughts?

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are getting hitched!!!

On Christmas Eve Tom proposed to Gisele on a private jet and of course she said YES! Gisele's parents were on the private jet as well as four dozen white roses and champagne. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Last minute Christmas gifts!

Lindsay Lohan was spotted getting some last minute gifts in a Diesel leather jacket, Ivy plaid top, and a Chanel bag. I'm also kind of obsessed with her boots : )..... but she is starting to look more and more like a lesbian... a little scary.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

God love her.

Donatella Versace was spotted in St. Bart's on Wednesday, Dec. 24. Girlfriend needs to invest in a one piece.

Lookbook Inspirations

Was visiting my new favorite website, Lookbook.nu (thanks Grace) and I came across some rad people. This picture is I-N-S-A-N-E. ps i love your style ;)


I want this shirt.


Christmas is tomorrow!

Stella parties with Madonna

Last night Madonna had a get together at her home in London and Stella McCartney showed up wearing a look from her Fall '08 ready to wear. I know she doesn't use real leather and fur (so her stuff doesn't hold up very well), but I am in love with her ready to wear.



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

First Post!

So.... My sister was going out last night, so we did a "test run" for her hair for formal and then I made her put on a black silk Joie top, pink ksubi's, a feathered head band we found in New York, ring from J-Crew, and gold water snake Dior "Extreme" shoe.