Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Halston does a music video!

For the aw09 presentation Halston will not be hosting a fashion show, instead a music video. Vogue UK reports:

"It was something we were planning since September, before the world fell apart. Obviously, people are looking at creative ways in this market and it is prudent to do so, but it was something we were working on before," says Bonnie Takhar, Halston's president and chief executive officer, adding: "It's pushing [Halston] to another demographic, between 25 and 45 years old...our previous collections were focussed from 30 to 50."

"We thought this is another way forward. Particularly now, with the economic climate, a lot of people's budgets will be cut and many people won't be travelling to see the shows, and this is a way to be inclusive," Halston board member Tamara Mellon tells WWD. "It's such a source of information and we need to bring the way of showing fashion into the modern day. Halston was so pioneering in his time, and it's what he would be doing now."

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