Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mary Kate for Interview magazine

 Do you remember the point in your life when you first got interested in fashion? Were you 16 and suddenly tearing through Vogues? I didn't look at magazines until a couple of years ago, to be honest. I never really knew anything about fashion. When I was
 young, clothes were really just about what fit, because Ashley and I were so tiny. So I understood fit before I understood style.
Did you buy your own clothes as a kid?I never went shopping. That wasn't my thing. I grew up horseback riding. That was my passion. I didn't start shopping until
 about 16 or 17, whenI could drive myself to stores and explore on my own.
 Well, you do a number of creative things. I hear that your clothing lines, The Row and Elizabeth & James, are breaking into menswear. Was that a natural progression? I think that was our strategy from the beginning. We also have shoes coming out-they're going to be beautiful. Everything's looking pretty solid.
How do you find the inspiration for a season? An idea will come, whether it's from a movie or a person or a character or a place . . . Then we go through color, silhouettes, and fabric. We sort of put it all together, finding the common threads.
Was there any iconic man you were referencing for fashion with the menswear line?For E&J, we found a picture of a man from an old magazine and started from there.

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