Friday, March 27, 2009

Rachel Zoe Decadestwo Charity Benefit

Last night we attended the Rachel Zoe Decadestwo Charity Benefit for Ovarian Cancer. Let us tell you it was AMAZING!!! The entire night was a surreal experience and we were on cloud nine the entire time. It was super inspirational to be in a room filled with such talented and influential people in the fashion industry. Every person in the room was dressed to impress. When we worked up the courage to ask Taylor for a picture she was kind enough to oblige(not to mention she was wearing the stunning LOUB'S "CARNAVAL" shoe). We then spoke with Brad, who is incredibly kind and super funny (not that we expected any different from him) and we discussed Paris Fashion Week and he said that Galliano was his favorite. The night was complete with Rodge, Nicole Richie (YSL shoes and Hermes scarf), Courtney Love, Perry Reeves, and Zoe of course (wearing vintage Norma Kamali jumpsuit, vuitton shoes, and a sick necklace) 

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  1. I heard about this. You're so lucky you went! Nice blog you have here :)

    <3 grace e.