Friday, January 30, 2009

Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon speaks out about shoes, sayings she lives by, and what is next for Jimmy Choo. 
"I probably have 700 to 800 pairs, which are all catalogued," said Mellon, recounting: "I've always loved shoes and bags - I became particularly obsessed by them in the early Nineties" - and it's an obsession that, 13 years later and a host of Jimmy Choo outlets worldwide (including Ginza, New York and Barcelona) seems to have paid off.

"The sayings I live by are 'Feel the fear and do it anyway,' and 'Don't sweat the small things'."

So, what's next? 

"I would love to accessorise a woman completely - fragrance, watches, scarves. There are so many accessories, so that's on my wishlist," Mellon said, noting however, that something along the lines of a diffusion range was not on the cards. "We wouldn't specifically do a diffusion line of shoes but we have started to do a jelly thong which is more accessible."

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