Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top Shop makes its American debut!

Topshop and its over-the-top rock ’n’ roll merchandising have finally arrived in SoHo.
The London-based retailer’s flagship, at 478 Broadway near Broome Street in Manhattan, opens Thursday and, after numerous construction delays, has been filled to the hilt with sexy sequined dresses, feathered trophy jackets, cheeky studded platforms, skinny fits, geeky eyeglasses and barely legal studded denim short shorts. source.

I was in New York in October 08 and Topshop was supposed to be open! The amount of delays that the space has had to go through is insane! Anyway, I'm excited.. especially since the third season of Kate's line is debuting verry soon!!

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  1. Yes on second thought my friends and I have decided to stay away as we would probably get trampled- like when the Brooklyn target opened. When the hype dies down Ill pay it a visit :)